The electric screw capping machine with the large
range of capping heads guarantees a secure closure

When you work with the GRISOCAP you will see how easy, effortless and noiseless cap-tightening can be. A large range of standard accessories makes the GRISOCAP suitable for your application. If our standard capping heads do not suit – we shall design inexpensive custom-made parts especially for you. Just send us some container samples and sufficient caps (10 pieces). We shall conduct adequate trials and submit a specific quotation.



Product data sheet
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  • Electrically operated table top machine for screw capping
  • Large program of capping heads - dependent on size and dimension of screw caps. Specially designed capping heads for extraordinary caps 
  • Adjustable torque
  • GRISOCAP: Standard version with release through the centering device for the container
  • GRISOCAP CE: Version with bi-manual release and electro-magnetic holder for the container
  • Models with screw- and unscrew features
  • Special designs on request: eg protection covers or integration in packaging lines


Typen der GRISOCAP

The following versions are available:

release by pushing of the container against the centering device



pneumatic holder for the containers and bimanual release
(by request electro-magnetic version available)



with additional unscrew-function



working methode of GRISOCAP


The cap is placed on the filled container, the container pushed against the centering
device, resp. placed in the holder (CE-version). Within the release of the screwing
process the spindle with the adjustable slipping clutch and the fitted capping head
descends onto the cap, tightens it securely and returns to its starting positions afterward.