Small coding appliance with big imapact!

Designed for single- or double-sided coding of tubes with letter/figure codes (serial numbers, filling/expiry dates, etc.) on the fold of metal tubes or on the welded seam of plastic- or laminated tubes. Rippling jaws for the seals are also available. With a built-in cutting device any irregularities of the welded seam of plastic- or laminated tubes are neatly trimmed.


data sheet
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  • Embossing system for stamping of the weld seam of plastic tubes or the fold of metallic tubes
  • Avaiable in manual or pneumatic version
  • Different sets of jaws according your requirement: one- or two-sided coding, rippling or marking/rippling
  • Installable cutting device for rectifing of the weld seam of plastic or laminated tubes
  • Complete set of marking stamps
  • Utilizing of the same multiple tube holder as used with GRISOTUB PS, resp. GRISOTUB MS
  • Special construction of jaws is possible, eg Euro boring, special  shaping of  the weld seam by die cutting etc.




Two different types of GRISOCOD are available:


GRISOCOD pneumatic

Once the machine has been fitted with the required parts it is adjusted for height according
to tube length. Filled tubes in single or multiple tube holders – in which they
have already been closed – are placed between the jaws of the machine.
Coding and/or trimming are achieved by depressing a hand lever (GRISOCOD manual)
respectively by actuating of the foot switch (GRISOCOD pneumatic). Correct positioning of
each individual tube in the machine is ensured by a location peg which corresponds
with the holes in the tube holder.