GRISONA Accessories

Filling nozzles, tube nozzles, agitators, heated hopper, and more

A wide range of accessories is available for optimal resulsts when filling your product.

Whether horizontal tube nozzle, spray or smoothing nozzle, the perfect nozzle for your task can be found from the complete GRISONA nozzle program. If foaming products need to be filled our diving nozzle device for filling below level has proven itself. The electrically driven agitator is required when pasty products are to be filled or if the product is to be kept homogenized in the hopper. Our heated hoppers are used for products that have to be kept warm or liquid.



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  • complete range of filling nozzles, check valves, spray, smoothing, double, and horizontal tube nozzles
  • diving nozzle device for sublevel filling of foamy products
  • a choice of standard hoppers in polished stainless steel are available
  • suction pipe for filling products from a large container (thin liquids only)
  • heated hoppers in various sizes
  • electrically driven agitatos
  • custom designs



Valve Nozzle (VDK) for Liquid Products

The nozzle with check-valve is intended to prevent "dripping".

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The valve body with exchangeable format part (ø 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 16 mm) allows liquid products to be filled into any container. The format part (outside diameter of the filling tube) can even be changed when the metering pump is full. The format part can also be used as a "spray nozzle with filling tube" by being mounted on the metering pump without the valve nozzle body, but using 2 large nozzle seals instead.

Smoothing Nozzle

For filling without air pockets of pasty products into jars, pots, and tins this smoothing nozzle is the right tool.

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The outside diameter of the nozzle should be approx. 5 - 10 mm smaller than the opening of the container so that it can be immersed in the container. When the filling process is completed, the edge of the container is to glide over the stainless sieve at the nozzle end to smoothe out the products surface.

Spray Nozzle

The spray nozzle is used for viscous to pasty products that do not "drip" and is suitable for filling pots, cans and tins.

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Tubes can also be filled by using the spray nozzle vertically. The drilling of the nozzle can easily be enlarged by re-drilling if necessary.

Tube Filling Nozzle

The horizontal tube filling nozzle is designed for air pocket free filling of metal and plastic tubes with pasty products.

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The empty tubes are placed on the tube nozzle and filled from the inside out.

Twin Nozzle

The twin nozzle allows simultaneous filling of two containers with an accuracy of 0.5%.


Standard Hoppers

A choice of hoppers made from polished stainless steel with 12, 26 or 50 liter capacity are available.

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All hoppers are equipped with quick release clamps and are fully interchangable on all our pump types. Matching lids are optionally available. A cylindrical 6 liter hopper with pressure piston plate allows processing even highly viscous products.

Heated Hoppers

Our heated hoppers are fitted with electronic controlled temperature regulation and up to date heating foil technique.

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These hoppers are to be used when products have to be filled warm due to technical reasons or to ameliorate the filling conditions. They are available in sizes of 12, 26 or 50 liter capacity.

Suction Pipe for Thin Liquids

The suction pipe is used for filling and dosing products from large containers like barrels, tanks, and others.



If the filling product in the container needs to be kept homogenized or pasty products are to be filled, an electrically driven agitator for both the standard and the heated hopper is available.

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The agitator can be switched on and off independently from the filling appliance and runs at approx. 30 RPM. Do you need an agitator with variable speed or want to stir inflammable or explosive prodcuts, we can also offer you these versions.

Diving Nozzle TD

The pneumatically driven diving nozzle TD for sublevel filling is designed to fill foamy products.

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The diving nozzle is to immerse into the container to achieve a clean and precise filling by moving back evenly during the filling process. This device can only be used together with the GRISONA STP Comfort model.

Tube Holder

The multiple tube holder is recommended for holding the tubes in order to process the various stations such as filling, sealing, and coding more efficiently.

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Working with at least 2 tube holders makes a noticeable contribution to process optimization. Furthermore idle time can be avoided. The tube holder is made to fit according to your sample tubes.