GRISONA accessories

Large range of accessories suitable for GRISONA MA and STP, for optimal filling results when filling the products into your containers.



Product data sheet
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  • Complete range of filling nozzles, check valves, spray-, smoothing-, double-, and horizontal tube nozzles
  • Diving nozzle set for sublevel filling (foaming products)
  • Product supply by product hoppers in several sizes or by suction lines (for liquid products)
  • Heated hoppers, heating sleeves for pumps allow warm filling 
  • Agitators suited for product homogenization
  • Assembling set for the integration of the GRISONA STP in automatic filling lines
  • Special designs


The right filling nozzle

Valve nozzle and check valve


consisting of the valve nozzle body and change parts with various size of filling tubes for liquid products into any type of container

Smoothing nozzle


for the air free filling of jars, pots and tins with cream products followed by smoothing of the surface of the product (samples of the containers required with order)

Spray nozzle


for thicker liquids through to pastous products into pots, jars , tins and vertical filling of tubes

Tube filling nozzle



for air free filling of tubes with pastous products (samples of the containers required with order)

Twin nozzle


allows the simultaneous filling of two containers by an accuracy of 0.5%
(max. dosage volume is 50% of pump stroke)

The right product supply

Standard hoppers


A choice of 12, 26 or 50 litre capacities in polished stainless steel are available. They have quick release clamps and are fully interchangeable for all pump types. Further on a cylindrical 6 litre hopper with pressure piston plate is available. Additionally corresponding covers complete the range


Heated hoppers


For products to be filled warm (caused by technical reasons or to ameliorate the filling conditions) we propose the use of our heated hopper, fitted with electronic controlled temperature regulation and designed in up to date heating foil technique. These hopper have the same volume as the standard versions. Additionally corresponding covers complete the range.


Suction pipe


(only for liquid products)

If the fill product must be drawn straight from large containers

(barrel, tank, etc.) we can supply suction piping.