Quick and easy Sealing system for closing plastic and laminated tubes

The GRISOTUB PS is an electro-pneumatic impulse welding machine for heat sealing of plastic or laminated tubes. Depending on tube diameter, 2 up until 11 tubes can be sealed per working cycle. For coding, rippling and/or cutting, our GRISOCOD is recommended.



Product data sheet
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  • Electro-pneumatic impulse welding machine for sealing of plastic and laminated tubes
  • Easy adjustment and saving of welding-, cooling time and heating temperature as well as  pressure - according the tube material
  • Up to 2 until 11 tubes can be sealed per work cycle, depending on tube diameter
  • the utilized multiple tube holder is customized according your tube samples
  • the output capacity is 350 - 1800 tubes per hour - dependent on tube diameter
  • GRISOTUB PS - the ideal machine for professional sealing of plastic and laminated tubes for middle sized production lot


working method of GRISOTUB PS

The filled tubes are placed in the multiple tube holder and they are pushed between the sealing bars. We suggest you to work at least with two multiple tube holders. The sealing cycle is actuated by the bi-manual switch. When the cycle is completed the sealed tubes are immediately released. The welding parameters (sealing time, cooling time, pressure, heating temperature) are quickly and accurately set and saved by way of a touch panel. Height adjustment of the sealing bars accommodates tube lengths up to 260 mm.

We are also ready to undertake tests with your tubes. Please send us approx. 20 samples of your tubes.