For liquid or cream products
The compact, manually operated machine
solves your filling problems safely and at best.

The GRISONA MA has been designed for universal use where liquid and cream
products are to be dosed and filled accurately 3 ml up to 100 ml. The exceptionally interesting
price makes this machine particularly suitable for use in dispensing chemists,
laboratories, drug stores and other limited applications.



Product data sheet
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  • Excellent suited for filling of liquid and pastous products - the included pressure piston plate allows even the processing of high viscous products
  • Dosing range from 3 up to 100 ml with an accuracy of 0.5%
  • Product change is easy and carried out in few time
  • Output approx. 1000 fills per hour
  • All parts in direct contact with the filling product are made of stainless steel  (1.4435/AISI_316L) therefore the machine is suitable for use with foodstuffs and chemically stable
  • The machine is equipped by a checkvalve and a 8 mm filling nozzle;  furtheron all types of nozzles can be used - according the GRISONA filling nozzle program 
  • the manually driven dosing machine GRISONA MA is the ideal appliance for  laboratories in chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff- industries as well as for the small scale production in cosmetic institutions, drug stores and pharmacists


working method of GRISONA MA

The GRISONA MA works on the principle of a volumetric filler and is an improved
further development of the worldwide patented PERPETUA pump system. Each
stroke of the pump draws in an exact dose of material from the product hopper and
discharges it through the filling nozzle into the container. Pasty products are filled into
the product hopper and smoothed even. Afterwards a special pressure piston plate is
pushed onto the product and the small air valve is closed. This simple construction
allows safe operation and fast cleaning. All metal parts in contact with the product are
made of high quality stainless steel and are resistant against almost all chemicals.