The single tube welding appliance seals plasticand/
or laminated tubes within seconds

The GRISOTUB E is the ideal appliance when you have to seal only few or small
series of plastic and laminated tubes. This machine is suitable especially in laboratories
of chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and foodstuff industries as well as used
for the small lot production in cosmetic institutes, drug stores or pharmacies.



Product data sheet
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  • Blameless sealing of plastic and laminated tubes
  • Easy and secure operation
  • Adjustable heating time - according to tube material
  • GRISOTUB E - the ideal appliance for a quick closing of single tubes or small lots

working method of GRISOTUB E

The GRISOTUB E is to operate very easy:
After adjustment of the height accordingly the tube length and the sealing time –
depends on material and wall thickness of the tube – you insert the tube, pull down
the hand lever for pressing and wait until the sealing and cooling time has terminated.
The plastic or laminated tube is now perfectly closed.