This modular approach is the easy and safe way to meet your filling tasks.

The GRISONA STP has been designed to be used where liquid and paste products have to be dosed and filled precisely from 0.8 ml up to 1'000 ml. Disassembly and cleaning is easy and does not require any additional tooling. All parts in contact with the product are made of FDA approved material. Thanks to modular approach the GRISONA STP can be individually complied with your needs. This appliance is perfectly suitable for use in R&D laboratories, food industry, pharmacies, drug stores, and small businesses.



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  • excellent performance whether filling liquid or paste products
  • modular approach is easy and safe to meet your filling needs
  • output up to 1'800 fills per hour
  • easy change of product within very short
  • dosing range from 0.8 ml up to 1'000 ml (+/-0.5%)
  • hoppers come with a choice of 12, 26 or 50 liter capacity in polished stainless steel
  • heated hoppers fitted with electronic controlled temperature regulation upon customers request
  • all metal parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel (1.4435/AISI316L) allowing usage with foodstuffs, while being resistant against most chemicals
  • a wide range of various types from the GRISONA Nozzle Program is available



The core of the GRISONA STP consists of an exchangeable dosing pump which is a further development of the PERPETUA pump. With each stroke, the pump draws a preset amount of product from the hopper and discharges it through the filling nozzle into the container underneath. This simple construction allows safe operation and fast cleaning.




With a contstant accuracy the GRISONA STP can fill products that are either liquid or paste. The STP will handle all types of containers from 0.8 ml up to 1'000 ml, e.g. bottles, jars, tubes, etc. Set for multiple fill it is possible to obtain an even greater volume. All components that come into direct contact with the fill product are either made of stainless steel or Teflon. And therefore resistant against almost all chemicals. The pumps could be sterilized.




The filling operation is pneumatically driven. The infinitely adjustable suction and filling speeds, allowing the operator to optimize the output for the product and container being handled. Without any additional equipment both inflammable and explosive products can be filled. Fill quantity is set manually on the front of the machine, so volume changes are quick and easy to achieve.


Two basic models with a choice of pneumatic operation are available.


The pneumatic system incorporates a cylinder with variable speed for both suction and fill stroke combined with an analog foot operated switch. Means that the foot keeps the switch pressed until the dose is completely filled, otherwise the machine considers the process to be finished and the pump returns to its starting point. During setting of the fill volume either the foot switch must be depressed or the machine must be disconnected from the air supply.


The main difference compared to the standard model is the digital impulse control which enables the following functions:

  • the foot operated switch needs to be tipped only
  • ON/OFF switch allows fill volume changes during machine stop
  • MAN/AUTO switch allows selection either single cycle or continuous operation with variable cylce time
  • pneumatically operated diving nozzle can be used (units are fitted with interface)
  • easily built into automatic filling lines

The appliance is supplied with a foot switch and a container positioning aid, which can be interfaced with fast-acting clutches if required. Indicator on the hand wheel allows fine adjustment of the fill volume.


An optional pneumatic counter facilitates either multiple fills (volumes greater than 1'000 ml) or a predetermined batch size.