For liquid or pastous products
Our modular approach is the easy and safe way to
meet your filling needs

The GRISONA STP was designed for universal use.

It is everywhere, where the optimal filling system, where liquid and pasty products in medium-large to large batch sizes are exactly dosed and filled.

Today's GRISONA is the result of the years.
A development in practice thousand times proven technology.

Let us convince you of the characteristics of the GRISONA STP.

With a large range of accessories, the GRISONA STP can meet your wishes, liquids, containers, etc. In pharmacies, laboratories, drugstores and small businesses.



Product data sheet
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  • Hervorragend geeignet zum Abfüllen von flüssigen und pastösen Produkten
  • Dosiervolumen von 0.8 bis 1000 ml mit einer Genauigkeit von 0.5%.
  • Produktewechsel kann einfach und schnell vollzogen werden.
  • Leistung ca 1800 Füllungen pro Stunde.
  • Alle produktberührenden Teile sind aus Edelstahl (1.4435) gefertigt und damit lebensmitteltauglich und gegen die meisten Chemikalien beständig.
  • Es können verschiedene Fülldüsen aus dem umfassenden GRISONA-Düsenprogramm eingesetzt werden.
  • Ohne zusätzliche Massnahmen können mit diesen Geräten auch brand- und explosionsgefährliche Produkte abgefüllt werden.
  • Grosses Zubehörsortiment, wie Rührwerk, Warmhaltetrichter, Horizontaltubendüse, Glattstreichdüse, Doppeldüse usw.
  • Die halbautomatische Abfüllmaschine GRISONA STP ist das ideale Gerät für den Laboreinsatz in Chemie und Pharmazie, wie auch für die mittel- bis grosschargen- abfüllung im Kosmetikinstitut, Drogerie, Apotheke und Kleingewerbe.



this is how the GRISONA STP works


At the heart of the filling system is an interchangeable metering pump. It is the ultimate
development of the patented PERPETUA pump. With each stroke the machine
draws a preset amount of product from the hopper and discharges it through a special
nozzle into the container below.
Capacity is 1800 fill cycles per hour. Thanks to its simple and reliable method
of operation, high fill accuracy, easy of maintenance and cleaning, the
GRISONA STP is the ideal filling machine for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals
and foodstuffs.



product and containers


You can fill products that are either liquid or pastous. Set for continuous filling the
GRISONA STP will handle all types of containers from 0.8 to 1000ml, e.g. bottles,
jars, tubes, etc. By selecting multiple fill it is possible to obtain greater volume. All
components that come into contact with the fill product are either made of stainless
steel of Teflon based compounds. In this way, the machine are built to withstand any
type of product. The pumps can be sterilised.



Standart- or Compfotmodel STP


The filling operation is pneumatically driven – The infinitely
variable suction and filling speeds, allowing the
operator to optimise the output for the product and container
being handled. Without any additional equipment
both inflammable and explosive products can be filled.
Fill quantity is set manually on the front of the machine,
so volume changes are quickly achieved. Two basic
models with a choice of pneumatic operation are available.


The pneumatic driving system incorporates a cylinder
with variable speed for both suction and fill strokes. The
foot operated on/off switch must be depressed until
filling is completed. If for any reason the switch is released,
the pump returns to its start point ready for the
next fill cycle. During setting
of the fill volume either the foot switch must be depressed
or the machine must be disconnected form the
air supply.


The operator is only required to touch the foot switch to operate the machine
• The “Off/On” switch allows fill volume changes during machine stop
• With the “Manual/Automatic” switch it is possible to select either single cycle or continuous operation with variable cycle time
• Operation of the „Emergency Stop“ button automatically interrupts the fill cycle, and the pump returns to its start point
• Pneumatically operated diving nozzles can be used
(the units are fitted as standard with necessary interface)
• Easily built into automatic filling lines


The machine is supplied with a foot switch and container locator, which can be interfaced with fast-acting clutches if required. An indicator on the hand wheel permits fine adjustment of the fill volume.
An optional pneumatic counter facilitates either multiple fills (volumes greater than 1000 ml) or a predetermined batch size.