Tight and hygienic closing Heat sealing system for aluminium foil on plastic
containers or glass

The GRISOSEAL is a compact electro-pneumatic machine for heat sealing of laminated pre cut aluminium foil diaphragms onto plastic or glass containers. It can be used either in a semi-automatic form or can be incorporated into a fully automatic filling line. Sealed foil closures give a hermetic product protection, diffusion barrier as well as a perfect originality protection and an absolute impermeability.


Product data sheet
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  • Electro-pneumatically operated sealing machine for laminated pre cutted aluminium foils on plastic or glass containers
  • Adustable sealing temperature, sealing time and pressure - according the  design of foil and container
  • Special sealing plates for glass containers
  • 600 until 800 sealings per hour
  • GRISOSEAL - the ideal heat sealing system for smaller production lots with  excellent product protection


working methode of GRISOSEAL

The aluminium foil diaphragm is placed on the container and both are then pushed
under the heat seal head. For sealing press the buttons of the bi-manual release.
The adjustment of the sealing parameters (temperature, time, pressure) - recommended
by the supplier of the foil diaphragms and containers – on the operating
panel is easy and accurate. The height adjustment of the sealing head allows the
processing of different sizes of containers. If you have to seal containers of strongly
different diameters you have to exchange the sealing plate. We use also different
plates for glass or plastic containers. Changeover time is very short. We would be
pleased to undertake tests and trials with your materials.
Just send us a few of your containers and foils (20 of each).