Pressure without effort Press system for stoppers,

pouring spouts and dropper closures.

The GRISOPRESS is a pneumatically operated machine with infinitely variable pressure for the insertion of stoppers, pouring spouts, droppers and many other types or closure.



Product data sheet
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  • Pneumatic table top machine for the insertion of stoppers, pouring spouts, snap-on lids and others
  • Pressure is infinitely variable
  • Up to 1800 containers can be closed per hour
  • Available are two versions: release with foot switch or with automatic  switch at the centering device for containers
  • Special designs on request


working method of GRISOPRESS

Two different types of GRISOPRESS are available.

with foot switch

The closure is placed on the container and both are pushed against the centering stop.

By actuating the foot switch, the closure is pressed into the container opening at the preset pressure level. Release of the foot switch allows the closed container to be removed.


with automatic release

The press cycle is initiated when the container is centered against the actuating
switch. When the preset pressure is reached the container is automatically released.